Internet Marketing Workshop

Have your website “built” by a Squarepace Authorized Trainer and use the workshop to add your content & do your groundwork SEO while I guide you through the whole process!

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*This is not an official Squarespace event*

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2pm to 5 pm - Website Development

Prior to attending the workshop, you will be doing a little “homework” by completing a two page worksheet. The information gathered will allow me to understand your unique needs as a business and help me to create an initial “shell” for your website. During the morning session of the workshop, you will learn how to upload photos, edit the text and completely customize the style of your website. The morning session will be a combination of lessons and work time with one on one assistance from me as well as collaboration time with other attendees to get the perspective of others’.

Whether this is your first website or you are creating a new website for a current domain name, you will leave the workshop with a fully functional, mobile friendly, live website that looks amazing and engages your visitors!

We will spend the last portion of this session working on groundwork SEO for your site.

*Your site will be hosted by Squarespace which charges a minimal, monthly hosting fee. As an attendee of my workshop, you will receive a 20% discount on these fees on your initial payment. For more information, please click here.

5pm - 6pm Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing provides a fantastic opportunity for individuals and small businesses to build their brand awareness and reach followers without spending very much of their hard earned cash - if any at all!

Did you know that 69% of Americans are on Facebook? Did you know that Facebook blows all of the other platforms away when it comes to regular use? Roughly 75% of Facebook users visit their accounts daily - many users are checking it multiple times throughout the day! This makes Facebook the perfect place to put yourself/your products/your services in front of your target audience.

The afternoon session is designed to help you a) understand the Psychology behind Organic Social Media Marketing b) create a thorough Social Media Marketing Plan that is easy to implement and c) Discover how your new Squarespace website works with your SMM through data & analytics.

I will show you:

  • How to Effectively Set Up Your Business Facebook Page Settings/Messenger Settings

  • How to Know What Other Platforms to Be Using

  • How to Create Engaging Content

  • How to Find Curated Content that Speaks to Your Audience

  • How and When to Post Various Types of Content

  • How to Share This Same Content on Other Platforms

  • How to Monitor and Track the Data & Analytics

  • How & When to Boost a Post

  • How to Effectively Use the Community Around You to Expand Your Reach.

  • How to analyze your website data to determine which of your marketing efforts are resulting in website conversions and how to adjust accordingly.

This course is designed to help individuals and small businesses expand their Reach authentically and organically so that you can begin to see engagement. Engagement that will result in conversions and take you to the next level of Social Media Marketing!

Immediately Post Workshop - Access to Online School

At the conclusion of the workshop, you will receive access to my online Internet Marketing training ($100 value). The videos and handouts provided in the online school will ensure that you will never forget what you learned during the workshop! They can be accessed at any time from any device and location with an internet connection!

One Month Post Workshop - Private Coaching Call

We will hop on a 15 minute webinar so that we can review your website data and compare it with your Facebook data. At this point, you can ask questions, get feedback, tell me dumb jokes - whatever you want! It’s your time!!!