Custom Website Development by Jen Maher, Authorized Squarespace Trainer

Whether this is your first website or it's time to update your existing site, the first step is to sit down for a one on one consultation (face to face or by phone or webinar - whatever works!).  I want to get to know your business, your style and how you want to be represented to your audience.  We will determine what size and layout will be the most effective and create a basic site map together.  A 50% down payment will be required to start the project. I will also need all pertinent files (photos, logos, contact information) prior to starting the website.  

Squarespace websites are mobile responsive, have beautifully designed custom templates and come with many additional features such as Email Marketing, Acuity Integration and much, much more! When I build your website, you will also receive unlimited support as we build your site and until we perform your Follow Up Webinar. After that, you will be able to take advantage of the amazing 24/7 support offered by Squarespace as well as have complete access to my Online Squarespace Basics Course free of charge!

All website packages come with groundwork SEO including, but not limited to, alt text tagging of all images, customized page and site titles and descriptions, customization of content headings using keywords. Google verification, site map upload on Google Search Console, initial indexing of your page through Google.  You will also receive a step by step guide to help you continually boost your SEO - because strong SEO does not happen overnight! 


Basic Websites Builds - You add your own content:

One Page Website - in One Day - $100

Two Page Website - in Two Days - $200

Three Page Website - in Three Days - $300

Four Page Website - in Four Days - $400

Five Page Website - in Five Days - $500

See a pattern? I think you can take it from here! :)

It’s Your Week!

Let me do it all for you! I build beautiful, mobile responsive websites for my clients in one week for $1250. Period. However, my clients get a lifetime of support with access to my online Squarespace 101 course that will help them add and update their own content, analyze their data and use it to guide their social media and traditional marketing, stay on top of their SEO and much more!

*Monthly Hosting Fees from Template Builders

For Landing pages and basic sites, I use Squarespace to build customized websites for my clients.  One of the benefits to using a hosting site like this is that we have access to 24/7 free technical and design support.  You will never need to worry about your site crashing or "going down".  Additionally, they stay current on the ever changing algorithms and adjust things on the "back end" of the site so that our websites are as current as possible.  Lastly, they are super easy to navigate once the shell has been made!  Going into your site and adding an employee or updating a photo for instance will take you minutes and is as easy as navigating Powerpoint! In order to have access to all of this wonderfulness, you will pay a hosting fee.  As an Authorized Trainer, I am able to pass on a 20% discount to my clients for their initial payment. This brings the fee to $115 or $173 per year depending on the type of site that you have. *eCommerce sites have a higher hosting fee - please contact me for more details.

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