Kleenex Box

This is just a random post to show you guys how great the Squarespace Blog App is! 

You can upload text/photos/videos right from your phone which makes it super easy to keep things current! 

Don’t want yo Blog? That’s okay! There are SO many other uses for this app so get creative! If you’re a gym, maybe you post a daily stretch. If you’re a restaurant, maybe you post s secret word for a discount or you post pictures of the daily specials, other industries can post tips and tricks for their clients or just images of things that they’re working on around the office!  

The great part is that you can link your website to all of your Social Media accounts which means that when you publish a blog post on the app, you can have it post to your platforms too! AND... since those posts will be linked to your website, so you will get website traffic too! 

Jennifer Maher