I specialize in helping micro/small businesses and start ups create a strong online presence.  By understanding your unique goals as well as what speaks to your target audience, I will create and implement a strategic marketing plan that helps you not only reach but shatter your goals! 

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Custom Created Ads Designed to Specifically Target YOUR Direct Audience! 


Social media is valuable. Period.

Your business is unique and your social media marketing plan should reflect that! I will evaluate your current social media presence and help you determine which platforms will help you obtain your goals effectively. This is not "Cookie Cutter SMM"!  I pride myself on creating custom content for my clients - one of the many things that sets me apart!

Your first consultation is free so that I can truly get to know your business and your goals! 

Have multiple locations or franchises?  Awesome!  I specialize in Location marketing on Facebook and can create/manage a plan that will keep your social media marketing consistent throughout all locations while still allowing some flexibility to highlight each location's unique marketing goals and opportunities. 


Please scroll the gallery below to see some examples of ads that I have created for some very special clients!  Each ad has been customized to not only enhance branding but to "speak to" and reach the targeted audience and plan theme for the week. 

Website Creation 


It is my personal belief that every business needs a website to establish their brand and to ignite consumer faith in the products and services provided.  Some businesses just need a  page to to tell a little about what they do and how to get a hold of them.  Other businesses need a fully functional eCommerce site to actually BE the backbone of their business... either way, I can help! 

When you just need a landing page or a place to establish credibility, I believe that there is no need to "reinvent the wheel".  There are some incredible  "drag and drop" website builders that allow designers to completely customize a website - THIS website was created using a website builder! By using these  builder templates, I am able to work much more efficiently - creating your website in a smaller time frame and at a much lower cost! Another benefit is that once these websites are created, they are very easy to manage and that can often be done in house!  Don't worry though, if you don't feel comfortable making updates and changes, I am happy to keep things running smoothly for you on an as needed basis for just $50/hr. 

The first step is to schedule a consultation so that I can determine the best course of action for your business. This consultation is available to you at no charge and can be scheduled by calling 402.686.5277 or by clicking the button below. 

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Brainstorming Session!

This is probably my favorite part of my job!  Your first brainstorming session is completely free and can really be enlightening!  Basically, you tell me all about your business - how you got where you are, where you want to go, who you want to impact! Together, we brainstorm and begin to create a "plan of attack" that will get you on the road to busting through those goals of yours! Sometimes, a brainstorming session is enough - I have had clients that leave with a clearer vision and head right out the door and start tackling things solo!  These clients often touch base every so often for another brainstorming session to check their progress and boost their marketing motivation once again.  These subsequent brainstorming sessions are available at my $50 consultation fee and can be completed as often as needed! 

Other clients decide to enter Discovery after our initial Brainstorming Session. In Discovery, I leave the meeting and complete a full marketing plan based on our session.  Your marketing plan will cost $100 and is completely yours to keep.  At that point, you can choose to use my services, complete the marketing plan action steps on your own or use another source - whatever works best for you!  No matter what course you choose, I am always available for subsequent brainstorming or discovery sessions for just $50/hour. 

Training and Presentations


Training and presenting material is in my blood.  As a former teacher and technology integration trainer, I have had the opportunity to share knowledge with thousands of eager minds and I absolutely love it!  One thing that I hear over and over again is that I present material in a manner that seems to "click" and doesn't "go over their heads".  I attribute this to teaching technology to Kindergarten through Eighth graders for 12 years and I'm so grateful for all of my kiddos that helped me fine tune that art. 

When it comes to Social Media Marketing training, I have worked with eager individuals in a variety of formats and am happy to customize my training to suit all needs. I have met with business owners and managers on a weekly basis to assist them with their marketing plans, spoken to small groups during lunch and learns, provided online training to out of state clients and much more!  

My basic Lunch and Learn presentation lasts approximately 10 minutes, covers the basics of creating a solid Social Media Marketing Plan and is offered at no charge for local Omaha businesses and organizations.  

Training sessions that are more in depth are unique to each situation and require a consultation to determine the best course of action to achieve the greatest result.